GABLINE's jewellery mechanics are a unique fusion of engineering, finesse and emotion. It involves meticulous craftsmanship and noble materials that transcend into exceptional works of art.

Each watch is carefully handcrafted, following a meaningful design and showing a true sense of excellence and authenticity. Immerse yourself in the story of QARTEL by GABLINE:

A sound ?

The motorbike of my grandfather, Gaby, as he was taking me to school. Clinging to his back, I shivered every time the engine started up. Its power, its muffled roar... Gaby has passed on to me his passion for mechanics and aeronautics. I was fascinated by his life, his tales of far-off places, thrills and adventures.

I grew up under his benevolent gaze, as he encouraged me to join a jewellery school. Years later, it was amidst thoughts of him that the concept of Qartel was conceived. I allowed this idea to mature and refine over time, as a means of honouring him.

A gesture ?

To rotate your watch a quarter turn on your wrist. It's so straightforward yet so bright! That’s what Gaby used to do to read the time without needing to tilt his wrist.

Thus, the concept of Qartel was born:

a watch worn in a distinctive manner, original yet intuitive. 

Due to the slightly altered position of the watch on the wrist, the numerals necessitated a bespoke placement to facilitate time-reading. 

The “12” reference point has been repositioned 40° to the right when Qartel is placed on the left arm, and 320° when worn on the right. The dial has been perfected to provide utmost comfort and precision, with options for customization to best suit its owner. As a seasoned jeweller, I can offer intricate levels of personalisation in the watchmaking process.

An object ?

A watch is more than an object: it's a companion journeying with us through every moment of our lives. 

With its unique design, Qartel makes time-reading accessible at a glance, without disrupting its wearer’s activity: be it while driving, writing, or playing music… 

Whenever your hands are occupied, time is still readable with a subtle, fluid gesture. 

I envision Qartel resonating with those in pursuit of performance and precision, offering a plethora of customisation options. I am steadfast in maintaining authenticity and sincerity in its making.

This is why every watch is exclusively handcrafted in France, with only its movement sourced from Switzerland. All other components are locally manufactured. Each watch is assembled in Biarritz and engraved with a unique number. We uphold a meticulous attention to detail at every step, from model creation to its eventual transition to the owner. 

A wish ?

I aspire to redefine how we read time. To engineer a novel mechanism infused with audacity and poetry.

Qartel is a nod to the past whilst embracing innovation.

It's a splendid object offering intuitive access to time. Its design is a singular blend of elegance, ergonomics, precision and comfort.

I wish to forge a profound connection between the watch and its wearer. Qartel is a companion, poised to catch your eye and unveil its full story.


The watch invented
by Gabline

The creators

Stéphanie & Florent,
jewellers driven by passion

The workshop

Located in the seaside city of Biarritz,
in France

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